Why is my aquarium filter making noise?

When cleaning a dirty filter, be sure to use old tank water to clean the housing, tubing, and fluid filters. You'll find tips and knowledge about common aquarium fish species, such as betta, cichlids, tetras, guppies, danios, barbs, gouramis, goldfish, mollies, platies, killifish and more. Increased bacterial and fungal activity in aquarium plants and food debris causes the aquatic environment to become viscous, and a filter will most likely create bubbles in that aquarium. Some fish farmers also use petroleum jelly to lubricate the external parts of the filter, which work well, but I wouldn't recommend using those oils in internal or power filters because of their proximity to the water surface and to fish.

If you can't find a way to suspend the aquarium filter in the air inside the fish tank, place it on a sponge. Content creator and resident marketer at AquariaWise who talks a lot about aquariums, fish, and aquatic landscapes. Although you mainly buy an aquarium to raise fish, it is also recommended to add decorations for better aesthetics and provide your fish with an ideal home. The most effective way to correct the noise of aquarium filter waterfalls is to increase the volume of water in your aquarium.

Place filter foam or a sponge suitable for the aquarium between the filter and the surface to dampen any noise that may come from the unit hitting the walls of the aquarium. Noise can be uncomfortable for you and your fish and can even damage the aquarium system, so it's essential to fix the filter as soon as possible. In fact, if you introduce new fish to a noisy aquarium, some of the fish may start to breathe quickly and appear restless due to disturbances in the aquarium. On this page, we've created a bunch of well-structured publications that revolve around caring for aquarium fish to help you navigate the hobby with ease.